In love with the woods look and smell of teak? Choosing a teak incense burner would be all you want for yourself. This is the form of natural incense stick holder that has been specially made from teak wood. Get introduced to our unique and beautiful teak incense sticks burner that has the potential to be one of the essential parts of your incense sticks experiences. The salient features of this natural incense stick burner are mentioned below.

Exclusive Teakish Smell With Our Teak Incense Sticks Burner

Apart from the smell of natural incense sticks that you would be using in this burner, this unique burner will mix its own smell to give you a heavenly experience of pure and natural aroma. The fresh and supreme quality teak leaves its own mild and balanced fragrance that creates its own addiction.

Made from finest woods

Aroma Shop Canada never compromises on the quality. The teak used in manufacturing this incense stick holder is of the highest quality. You will surely love the feel, touch, and look of this exciting burner that has been built with one of the finest wooden materials.

Stylish and Attractive Design Of Our Teak Incense Sticks Burner

The ancient love of wooden materials will never fade away. The attractive and stylish design of this incense stick holder would perfectly match your wooden interior. Leave your guests in awe and surprise of observing its exclusive beauty and style. The visitors in your house would not resist inquiring about this amazing incense stick burner.

Durable and Long Lasting

Keep enjoying the organic aroma dispensed through this natural incense stick holder. The natural scents dispensed through Steak Incense Sticks Burner would keep purifying your life for long durations again and again. Our customers are so satisfied that they even want to keep this incense stick burner up and running for years.

More Reasons to Buy

  • It provides the ultimate value to enjoy the fragrance from the best quality incense sticks.
  • Rated widely as a highly compatible incense stick holder.
  • Burns the incense sticks efficiently.
  • It keeps the incense sticks protected from external interaction.
  • Prevents the fall of ash in open spaces.


  • Dimensions: 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 12 1/4″