If you are looking for an incense product with minimum additives, all-natural incense cones are the answer. They are even better than premium quality incense sticks as the incense sticks have a bamboo or sandalwood stick holding the masala. Therefore, when an incense stick is burnt, the stick also burns and adds its particular smell to the incense material. Whereas in the case of incense cones, the incense material is directly shaped into a cone and set ablaze, and the resulting smoke is nothing but your favourite aroma.

Another benefit of burning all-natural incense cones is that the ashes at the end lie in the dish or incense burner, while the ashes from incense sticks fall here and there. The amazing scents play their magical roles in purifying your space and keeping any foul odours at bay. They are also great for mental health as most of them tend to soothe the senses and bring in positive vibes. For instance, sandalwood incense cones help patients with stress and anxiety. The magical aroma helps the mind to de-clutter and increases focus. Hence, it assists in boosting creativity and productivity.

Aromatherapy makes use of all sorts of incense products to benefit from the natural plant extracts. Most of these extracts are used in the form of essential oils. The oils are usually mixed with a binding material to make ‘masala’ (incense material) for incense sticks and incense cones. For topical uses, these concentrated essential oils are added to carrier oils to dilute them. Incense cones sandalwood make use of oil extracted from sandalwood seeds which are excellent for relaxing sore muscles and calm down general inflammations.

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