The use of incense and incense cones dates back many centuries; incense, in its original form, has been used for various purposes for a long time. Many cultures use incense in many forms, some for prayer, some for meditation, and others because of its spiritual connotations.

Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly popular today, with more people discovering its wonders daily. Incense and diffusers are becoming staple household items, with newer versions being introduced. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and designs to enhance your ambiance in every possible way—which is where incense cones come in!

If you’re new to aromatherapy, you’re in the right place! Today, we’re bringing you a brief guide on using aroma cones so you can learn all about them. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Incense Cones?

Scent cones are just another way to use incense products. People like to dispense incense according to their preferences and convenience. Incense sticks are a popular form; they involve a wooden stick, usually made of bamboo or sandalwood, that adds to the aroma of the incense products.

On the other hand, many people prefer to burn incense cones, as they are one of the purest forms of incense. They do not involve any extra ingredient except the base powder to keep the incense powders together. They are usually best for when you want to introduce a fragrance into your space, perhaps while doing a short activity or when you need to spruce the vibe up.

How To Use Incense Cones

Like any aromatherapy product, incense cones are not that hard to use. They usually make a mess, so you will need an incense burner or a dish to put them in. You can use any heat-proof dish or vessel to enjoy your incense cones.

To get started, light the tip of the cone, let the flame burn the tip and char it until it starts smoking. The orange glowing end means it is good to go until it turns ashes. Place it carefully into your burner, and now you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful aroma!

Open your windows so that the area where you light your cones is well-ventilated. Keep the burning cone away from children or pets and out of their reach. Also, ensure that no one there has any allergies that the incense smoke might trigger.

Benefits of Using Incense Cones

Using scent cones can have manifold benefits. People use them to elevate their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. For example, the aroma of lavender or sandalwood incense cones can be great for relaxing and calming the nerves.

If you’re a yoga fan or like to meditate, you should incorporate incense into your sessions. Frankincense and myrrh are great for improving your focus and elevating your atmosphere. The aroma helps you calm your nerves while your body is relaxed.

If you’re a student, lighting incense sticks is the perfect way to enhance your concentration levels and thus focus better on your studies. Sage and peppermint are two good incense cone options to try out.

Whether you want to meditate, study, or pray, aroma cones are always a good idea. You can find many different types of incense, each with its benefits, and you’re bound to find one perfect for every situation. If you are searching for natural, high-quality, organic incense, look no further! Head to our website and get your own Remedium Incense Cones today!