Aromatherapy has many aspects, and if you’re an avid user of all aromatherapeutic products, then you’ll love smoker cones, too. Smoker cones, also called incense cones, are small, cone-shaped bundles of incense that give off smoke when lit, releasing a beautiful aroma. They come with many benefits, which we’ll talk about today!

What are Smoker Cones?

Smoker cones are another name for incense cones, named for the smoke they give off when lit. They are a great way to incorporate incense into your daily routine and add a lovely fragrance to your home or office space.

Each type of incense will give you its benefits and unique aroma so that you can choose another cone, depending on your mood!

Benefits of Using Incense Cones

There’s a multitude of ways you can use scent cones. They’re a good choice for meditation sessions; frankincense, sandalwood, and rosemary are good cone choices. Lemon and peppermint natural incense cones are great for when you need to focus.

If you want to use incense cones as a way to relax, then lavender and chamomile are your best incense cones. Not only will these calm you down and help you relax, but they’re also suitable for anxiety symptoms.

How to Use Smoker Cones and Precautions

Burning a smoker’s cone is easy but should always be done carefully since we are still working with fire. Place your cone into an incense holder, with the pointy tip facing upwards. Light the tip of the cone, and once it is lit, let it burn for a few seconds. After that, blow the flame out, and you should be left with a smoker cone that is slightly smouldering and giving off smoke!

Always make sure to have a window open to ensure that the room is well-ventilated. Use an appropriate incense holder for the smoker cone since it will keep burning to the end.

Smoker cones come in many varieties and have many benefits you can take advantage of. Browse our range of Remedium incense! You will definitely find something to your taste and maybe even the perfect gift for someone!