Cone and stick incense burners are commonly used in many households nowadays. Incense burning is an age-old practice that has developed over the years. This practice is carried out in many different ways in almost all regions of the world. There are manifold benefits of incense burning, and people have been following this not only for aesthetic reasons but also as a medicinal therapy for various physical and mental ailments. These burners serve the dual purpose of burning different forms of incense and a great accessory in any space.

Aesthetic Appeal

There is a wide variety of cone and stick incense burners on Aroma Shop Canada. These burners come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. They add warmth and charm to your space and double the pleasure of incense burning. The different colours available make it easier to match them with your theme or decor in a room. Wooden burners go very well with classic decor, and carved ones are even better as they add texture and character to your surrounding.

Soapstone is well known for its heat resistance and is commonly used as kitchen countertops for this reason. Majestic colours of soapstone burners are great for a modern look. They go well with the funky looks of contemporary decor and enhance features in a space. The sleek look of ceramic burners adds elegance and a touch of serenity to your place. They are especially recommended for workplace decor as they have a neutral look.


Cone and stick incense burners are made up of different materials ranging from wood to ceramic. Wooden trays are usually employed for burning incense sticks, and they are usually oblong or rectangular in shape with holes to insert the burning incense stick on either or both ends; the ash from the burning sticks is collected in the tray, and you don’t have to worry about the surface beneath.

The wood is painted with different colours and is usually adorned with carved patterns as well. Carved soapstone burners are also a great accessory to flaunt your good taste, along with burning your favourite organic incense sticks and incense cone Canada. Ceramic and soapstone are used as incense burners because of their heat-resistant nature. Resin, soapstone, and wood are also preferred for carved burners as they make elegant accessories, even when not coloured or painted. Natural colours of soapstone are an added feature that serves the purpose of decor and practicality as well.

Practical & Convenient Cone and Stick Incense Burner

Cone and stick incense burners come in handy for burning incense safely. You don’t have to worry about protecting the surfaces beneath or watching them while burning to avoid a fire hazard. The incense sticks burners catch the ashes and keep the surroundings safe and clean. Most burners are made of soapstone, ceramic, resin, or polished or coated wood that makes them heat resistant. This way, you can easily carry them around and place them anywhere conveniently.

Using good quality natural incense to burn for aroma is a better alternative than artificial air fresheners. These aerosol sprays usually contain synthetic fragrances and many chemicals that are not good for your health and the environment. offers a wide range of organic incense sticks, cones, and essential oils that have been made from natural resources. They do not contain any chemicals or hazardous ingredients and are totally safe for use. You can opt for any organic incense Richmond Hill of your choice and enjoy your favourite fragrance along with our beautiful collection of incense burners.