Assorted Painted Incense Burners

Assorted painted Incense Burners are available in several designs. They are also available in hand-painted designs in wooden and other materials; regardless of the material, excellent quality is guaranteed.

Most incense holders are 10 inches long and work best for incense sticks above 12 inches. This miniature work of art will surely bring charm to your house.

These eye-catching incense stick holders are available in different painted designs and unique combinations of paint colours and patterns. In addition, you can use the beautiful variety of hand-painted incense stick holders cum burners with an ash catcher for a perfect duo.

This beautiful artwork is available in different designs. The most popular colours in this variety include orange, purple, yellow, pink, and green. To complete the set, you can order assorted varieties as well.

Most incense burners come in bronze or pottery material fitted with a perforated lid in which the incense burns. This material is further painted to make them look attractive. You can opt for the colour that matches the tone of your room or wall paint; alternately, you can decide to have a contrasting effect. After extensive use in Europe, they are also gaining popularity in Eastern countries.

Incense burners of all kinds and varieties are available from India, Japan, and Tibet. Domestic incense with various accessories is also in demand. You can quickly get incense burners in painted variety, which can be used for domestic purposes.

Assorted Painted Incense Burners are mainly used at ceremonies where people gather for inspiration, meditation, chanting, and relaxation.

Although incense sticks are not harmful, you must be careful while burning them. They should be kept away from children or pets and on a level surface where there is no danger of falling or slipping.

Assorted Painted Incense Burners are available at affordable prices. They are well-liked because of their durable quality and reliability. You can reuse them repeatedly to burn incense sticks anywhere and anytime.

How to burn an incense stick: Place the non-lit end through the hole in the stick burner. Light the post’s tip, let the flame catch fire, then blow out.

Features Assorted Painted Incense Burners 

  • Dimensions: 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 12 1/4″


Keep burning incense within sight. Never burn on or near anything flammable. Keep out of reach from children and pets.

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