Burning premium quality incense cones is a great way to improve your surroundings. You can always rely on an excellent scent to raise your spirits and elevate your mood. It doesn’t have to be a special ceremony or occasion to enjoy the fantastic aroma of natural sandalwood Incense.

Both cones and sticks release scented smoke when smouldered directly. The only difference is that incense material is shaped into cones and burned now, but in the case of incense sticks, a bamboo or sandalwood stick is used to hold the incense material on it. This core material is the slight difference in the aroma of an incense stick and a cone. This wooden stick also burns along the fragrant coating, adding its scent to the incense coating.

Due to the absence of base material, cones are easy and quick to make and cost less than other forms of incense. The cost is cut down to only the fragrant oil and the carrier powder that also acts as the adhesive to keep it together. Also, incense cones burn faster and release intense smoke immediately, while incense sticks tend to last longer and release less aroma but for a longer time. So incense sticks are more expensive and considered superior due to the product cost and the process involved that takes longer than the cones.

They are also considered healthier and safer for some people. It again owes to the fact that no wood is used to manufacture cones. Instead, pure herbal or plant extracts, usually essential oils and binding agents, are directly shaped into cones. No wood-burning means no excessive smoke that the user has to inhale alongside the fragrant incense. Although the amount of wood used in incense sticks is far less than any hazard, it is eliminated when you use incense cone sandalwood instead of any incense stick.

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