The amazing scent of Egyptian musk incense is calming and pleasant, making it excellent to use to ward off bad odours. Egyptian essential oils are used to manufacture these premium quality sticks. Egyptian musk essential oil is actually a blend of several different essential oils. These include patchouli, frankincense, amber and many others.

The scent of these natural incense sticks is usually described as woody, earthy and pleasant; incense sticks give off an aroma that is perfect for relaxing after a long, tiring day.

Benefits of Egyptian Musk Incense Stick

Egyptian musk incense has long been used for its calming properties. The comforting aroma is perfect for relieving all your stress and anxieties. It helps to soothe the senses and put your mind at ease. It stimulates the sense of smell and signals the brain to release hormones that help calm the mind and body. The positive vibes make these sticks an excellent choice for any place, be it your home or office.

There are many skin-related benefits to this natural essential oil as well. Its topical use treats wrinkles, stretch marks and burns as well. In addition, natural musk is a great fragrance to improve the atmosphere.

It has been an important ingredient in fragrances used by royals and elites throughout history. It makes amazing amalgams with other woody, herbal and floral fragrances. These age-old formulas have been in use for centuries to satisfy different aesthetic tastes.

How to Use Egyptian Musk Incense Stick?

Using our Egyptian musk incense sticks is very easy. First, you have to light one end of a stick and blow the flame out. The stick will continue to smoulder and will give off fragrant smoke. You can now place your incense stick into an incense stick burner, which will hold the stick while it burns. These natural incense stick burners also catch any ash from the stick.

How to Find the Best Quality Egyptian Musk Incense Stick?

If you are looking for good-quality aromatherapy products, you should always make sure to do proper research and buy from manufacturers you trust. Here at Aroma Shop Canada, we ensure high-quality goods that do not include any harmful materials and are 100% organic.

We offer a wide array of aromatherapy goods for sale on our website, ranging from natural incense sticks, natural incense cones and essential oils to incense stick holders and oil burners.


If you feel any strange side effects after inhaling the aroma emanating from your lit incense sticks, these may be signs of an allergy, and it is best to stop using them immediately. Also, be cautious when burning an incense stick. Please do not leave it unattended.

We recommend that you use an incense stick burner that will hold it and catch the ashes. This minimizes the chances of ash spilling on the surface where you burn the incense stick.

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