Vanilla incense is popular all around the world due to the sweet fragrance and warmth that it brings. Vanilla is also well known in the culinary world, being a crucial flavour in several sweet delicacies. Burning vanilla incense sticks give off an incredible fragrance that can make your space very pleasurable.

Benefits of Vanilla Incense Sticks?

Our incense sticks come from all-natural essential oil from vanilla pods. The vanilla essential oil has many benefits. Vanilla essential oil is a known antioxidant and can reduce inflammation. The scent is calming and soothing for the senses and helps with alleviating depression.

The scent of vanilla has also been found to immensely help boost focus and creativity. The wondrous aroma of vanilla creates a positive and pleasant ambiance in your space, and it also masks any remaining bad odours.

How to Use Vanilla Incense Sticks?

Our incense sticks are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is light a flame at one end of the stick and then gently blow it out. The end of the stick should slightly smoke. Place your now lit incense stick into a good quality incense stick holder, varieties of which can also be found at Aroma Shop Canada. The incense stick holder will keep the stick in place and catch any ash that falls from the stick.

How to Find the Best Quality Vanilla Incense Sticks?

If you are on the hunt for high-quality aromatherapeutic products, then is the place for you. There is an immense variety of incense sticks and essential oils available on our website. No harmful or toxic substances are used in the manufacturing of our products. Everything sold here, including our vanilla incense sticks, is 100% organic and contains no synthetic materials.