Incense Sticks Ash catcher Assorted Curved – Each

Compliment your aromatic incense sticks with Incense Sticks Ash catcher Assorted Curved. Enjoy the pleasant aroma with a touch of sophistication and lively design. You are surely going to love the beautiful design of these curved incense ash catchers. The adorable floral trellis running along the length of these ash catchers perfectly accolades different types of floral and herbal incense sticks. These curved ash catchers with their vibrant colours can add colour and texture to a simple room and can easily get along with lively décor.

Incense Sticks Ash catcher Assorted Curved has holes neatly drilled on both ends. These two holes allow you to burn two sticks at a time and enjoy a fusion of your favourite scents. Also, burning two sticks at a time would cover a larger area, hence doubling the pleasure. Simply insert your natural incense stick in the hole and sit back and enjoy the magical aroma do its wonders.

The incense stick is held up straight without having to worry about how long does an incense stick burns and keeping an eye on it. The product has a fine finishing and adds a touch of elegance to a room. It is long enough to hold the incense sticks on it. The carved groove provides a safe place to catch all the ashes from the burning incense sticks and makes it even safer than a vertical incense burner.

It will make burning incense sticks safer and more practical without any hazards of falling ashes of the sticks on the surface below. Save your shelves, tables or other surfaces from ash stains regardless of the way how do you burn incense sticks.

The incense stick burners and other accessories at are sure to allure you to add another beautiful piece to your home or office décor. They are skillfully hand-made with eco-friendly materials like resins, soapstone, and wood. Each product is unique and has its own characteristics. You can definitely find an oil burner or an ash catcher that can go with your décor. Don’t miss out on a nice addition to the colours and texture in your home and the best way to enjoy natural incense.  You’re going to love the beautiful design of these curved incense ash-catchers. 

Features Incense Sticks Ash catcher Assorted Curved 

  • Incense Ash-Catcher
  • Beautiful & Colourful Design

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