White Sage Smudge Stick 9″

Sage, especially white sage, is a prevalent choice for smudging sticks. They are primarily used to clear auras, purify spaces, and remove them from negative energy.

Smudging using sage is a common practice in indigenous cultures and Buddhism. It has been an integral part of religious and traditional ceremonies and rituals. Besides purifying, numerous other benefits come with using sage smudge sticks. For example, lighting smudge sticks are a fantastic way to de-stress after a long and tiring day. The soothing aroma emanating from the sticks is sure to calm you down and quickly put you at ease.

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Other Benefits of Sage Smudge Sticks

Along with being great for stress relief, these sticks also play a significant role in improving your mood. They are suitable for improving the air quality in your space; they effectively rid the air of pollutants. In addition, people have been using them to remove negative energy and steer away from negative vibes.

The most common use for sage smudge sticks besides stress relief is for cleansing a space or a person’s energy. Many believe that burning sage and substances like it can help clear negative energy and vibes so that positive energy can take its place. This practice can help you raise your spirits and make you feel better.

Use White Sage Smudge stick 9″ to purify your home, office, or any other location that may require cleansing from negative energy.

Benefits of Sage Smudge

  • Cleansing from negative energy.
  • Hand-dipped.
  • Ideal for improving your mode.
  • Excellent for stress relief.

Where to Buy Sage Smudge

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  • 9″ Smudge Sticks
  • 100% Natural
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Hand-dipped
  • Long-Lasting
  • Made in Canada

How to Use Sage Smudge

Place the white Sage smudge in a smudging bowl. Light the top end of the stick until it begins to smoke; use a smudging feather to direct the smoke over the area that needs cleansing.

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Keep sticks away from flammable objects such as paper, drapes, etc. Do not allow sticks to touch vanished, painted and plastic surfaces.