Vanilla Incense Sticks 11″ – 20/Pack

Vanilla incense sticks are a great way to make your space livelier with the vanilla scent. This particular scent is one of the most popular fragrances in the world. It carries a touch of warmth and sweetness with it which is soothing for the human senses.

There are many benefits of using natural incense sticks, particularly vanilla incense sticks. They are an excellent choice for setting up a place for a romantic dinner or lunch. The vanilla scent is famous for heightening the senses of men by affecting the brain’s hypothalamus, so they are the perfect choice of scent if you are setting up a space for a romantic getaway.

Using vanilla incense sticks in your home can reduce your stress levels. Stress causes the release of cytokines in our body which in turn causes inflammation. The smell of vanilla reduces your stress and hence the inflammation because of it. Moreover, it will calm your nerves and promote the production of serotonin, a happy hormone that makes you feel calm and composed and thus uplifts your mood and increases your productivity.

Smelling vanilla increases the creativity of the mind. It makes a person feel more motivated and accelerates their thought process and creative capabilities by triggering emotions and memories. Just like music, the scent of vanilla acts as a natural stimulant.

Other than that, it also has many health benefits. The vanilla fragrance helps to reduce cholesterol levels and hence is beneficial for the heart. It is an antioxidant, it reduces anxiety and helps with respiratory conditions because of its anesthetic effects, and it also helps in weight loss as smelling vanilla curbs appetite.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of burning vanilla incense sticks, you can find the best quality at Aroma Shop Canada. Visit us for more variety like Jasmine Incense Sticks or Gardenia Incense Sticks, and many more. These sticks are made from a hundred percent natural ingredients with no artificial additions. They are handcrafted to perfection to provide you with the best possible products. Whether it is a formal setting in your workspace or an informal setting in your home or somewhere else, using these sticks uplifts the mood and spirits of the people in the surroundings and hence surely provides you with a much more pleasant environment to work or have fun.

Fill your space with the aroma of your favourite hand-dipped natural Vanilla Incense Sticks 11″, made with love to bring joy and tranquillity to your home.

Benefits of Vanilla Incense Sticks

  • Vanilla
  • Made Naturally
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Hand-dipped
  • Long-Lasting


  • 11” Incense Sticks
  • 20 Sticks/pack
  • 100% Natural
  • Made in Canada

How to Use  Incense Sticks

No fuss and no hassle. Light the coated tip of the stick, gently blow out the flame and enjoy it. Place your stick in your chosen incense holder and always make sure the ashes fall on a fireproof surface.

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Keep sticks away from flammable objects such as paper, drapes, etc. Do not allow sticks to touch vanished, painted and plastic surfaces.