Are you also annoyed by the whiny buzzing sound in your ear when you sleep? Believe us when we say no one likes mosquitos. The good news is that you don’t need expensive lotions and repellents to eliminate them. Luckily, eucalyptus and mosquitoes are known enemies.

It doesn’t hurt to be safe even if you live in an area with few mosquitoes. In addition to repelling mosquitoes, eucalyptus globulus has many other unique benefits. Use it as a diffuser or essential oil to get the best out of this powerful natural ingredient.

Use eucalyptus oil for mosquitoes

In case you didn’t know earlier, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend lemon eucalyptus oil as an excellent natural repellent. However, remember not to apply pure or undiluted oil directly on the skin. Coconut oil and cumin seed oil are the best carrier oils to mix and dilute eucalyptus essential oil and use as a repellent.

Another added benefit is this oil’s cooling aroma, which will inevitably leave you feeling relaxed. You will feel a noticeable difference in your breathing. You will also be amazed to notice all the skin and hair benefits of using eucalyptus essential oil.

Eucalyptus oil and mosquitoes are not going to stay together!

The annoying thing about mosquitoes is that as soon as the repellent starts wearing off, they start approaching you. Imagine getting ready to have a relaxing picnic with your family, and after an hour or two in the park, you start hearing the buzzing sound in your ears – no one wants that!

A Comparative laboratory and field research conducted in 2014 confirmed that if you use eucalyptus for mosquitoes in a 32% concentration with another carrier oil, you will achieve up to 95% protection against mosquitoes that will last for 3 hours or even more.

How do you create a mixture of eucalyptus oil as a repellent?

Creating an at-home mixture for mosquitoes is not rocket science, and eucalyptus oil is perfect. Search your cabinet or order Remedium Eucalyptus essential oil to make the mix.

The proportion should be such that 1 part of lemon eucalyptus oil should be balanced with 10 parts of sunflower oil (or any other suitable carrier oil you want). This mixture can then be utilized as a natural repellent. However, remember to keep it away from infants and toddlers.

Say goodbye to mosquitoes!

Now that you know all the benefits of this natural mixture, start using eucalyptus, and mosquitoes will not dare to come near you. It’s like the best of both worlds because you will also get many other benefits from this essential oil.