From skincare to repelling insects, from antibacterial properties to reducing inflammation, Patchouli Pogostemon Cablin has a world of benefits. You can use it to treat your skin, improve your overall well-being and reduce disease symptoms. If you want to learn how you can reap the benefits of this excellent essential oil, keep reading with us.

Health Benefits of Pogostemon Patchouli Cablin

One of the best qualities of patchouli is its antibacterial properties. It will come in handy if you are trying to cure some symptoms or prevent an onslaught of sickness.

Patchouli Pogostemon is beneficial for skin problems like acne and allergies.

If you are having a tough time because of muscle contractions, Pogostemon cablin patchouli oil will be your saviour. Not only will it improve your muscle tone, but also improve signs of ageing like sagging skin.

It’s excellent news for patients with arthritis and heart complications that Patchouli’s anti-inflammatory properties will relieve them by decreasing inflammation.

Uses of Patchouli Pogostemon Cablin

You can use it to regulate your hormones and get rid of stress. If you need a mild sedative to put you in a peaceful slumber, we can recommend Remedium Patchouli essential oil.

It also helps improve digestion by helping your body absorb more nutrients.

It’s a fantastic way of keeping insects and mosquitoes at bay – use patchouli essential oils as a natural repellent with no side effects.

Enjoy a Relaxed and Rejuvenated Life

Mix the carrier oil of your choice with a few drops of Pogostemon Cablin patchouli oil to apply on your skin for skincare, a fresh scent, and to get rid of excess dryness.

Diluting is very important because the essential oil is not safe to use. The earthy scent makes it suitable for blending with several other carrier oils.

Find yourself immersed in the benefits of this essential oil by using it in any way you like. The natural properties of Patchouli are equally beneficial whether you use it in a diffuser or as an oil.

In addition to the essential oil, you can also use it in your house as Patchouli incense sticks. Check out our range of product options today.