Winter is approaching, and with the cold comes the beautiful season of Christmas. Among all the festivities that come with this season, the scents and smells surrounding Christmas are eternally memorable — be it the gingerbread smells wafting from the kitchen, the chestnuts roasting on the fire, or the scent of best Christmas essential oils, everything adds a special touch to the festivities.

These perfectly themed Remedium essential oils are a great way to liven up your home just in time for Christmas. The aromatic scents of the best Christmas essential oils will lift everyone’s spirits and make it feel like Christmas is around the corner.

The Best Christmas Essential Oil to Buy

Here are 5 Christmassy essential oils that make it feel like Christmas morning!

Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil has a spicy and sweet aroma while also being woody. Its lovely smell reminds you of the holiday season and is the perfect oil to diffuse during this time. The scent of this essential oil is very versatile; it works excellent when diffused with other essential oils, such as cinnamon essential oil.

Blends like these are great for the winter, as they give your space a cozy and warm feel. So, no wonder it makes the top list of the best Christmas essential oils. Clove essential oil has a strong scent, and it is stimulating and invigorating as well. It can be good to inhale to boost concentration and focus as well.

Not only does this oil have a fantastic scent, but it has a myriad of health benefits too. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral. In addition, due to its anesthetic content, it acts as a pain reliever. Another excellent use for this oil is moisturizing the skin; it can give your oil a fresh, hydrated look.

One of the reasons why clove essential oil is so well known is because of its ability to help with dental problems. This is quite an age-old home remedy; it contains a natural anesthetic, Eugenol, which can lessen tooth pain. Diluting clove oil by mixing it with a carrier oil and applying it to the tooth, causing you pain, can help ease the discomfort.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

You could call cinnamon essential oil the best Christmas essential oil. This oil has a beautiful scent that is both sweet and spicy at the same time. It reminds you of delicious baked goods and gives your room a warm, fun vibe.

The cinnamon essential oil has a delicious scent that can considerably boost your mood and lift your spirits. Its stimulating scent will give you a more positive attitude and instantly make you feel warm and cozy, making it the perfect essential oil to diffuse on colder days.

Cinnamon Essential oil has so many fantastic health benefits. It has moisturizing properties, which make this oil a valuable addition to your haircare and skincare. Adding a bit of cinnamon essential oil to your skin products can do wonders for your skin, and massaging the scalp with this oil mixed with a carrier oil can give good results.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Candy canes are an all-time favourite treat for kids during the holiday season; their colourful appearance and wonderful peppermint flavour are popular with everyone. So when you want to remind yourself of the fun of a candy cane without eating another piece of candy, this peppermint essential oil is the perfect oil to diffuse. It has a fresh and minty smell that will instantly brighten your space.

Inhaling this essential oil can help lessen the effect of nausea for some people. Its pain-relieving abilities can be effective for the joints, and this oil also helps relieve stress. You can use it diluted with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage, which can cool the skin and muscles due to peppermint essential oil’s menthol content. Another great way to use peppermint essential oil is to treat colds, coughs and headaches.

Remedium Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil has a characteristic woody and rustic scent. Frankincense is also usually associated with Christianity and Christmas, as it was one of the gifts given to Jesus, according to the Bible.

Frankincense essential oil is good at decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can help you to relax and let go of the stress and tension of a long day. Since it boosts focus and concentration, it is the perfect oil to diffuse during meditation.

This is one of the best Christmas essential oil, and it’s also good for the skin in many ways. It is anti-inflammatory and is also suitable for treating dry skin.

Remedium Myrrh Essential Oil

Remedium Myrrh essential oil’s warm and smoky aroma makes it popular in many blends. Myrrh is also associated with Christianity, as it was one of the gifts given to Jesus, according to the Bible. Like frankincense, Myrrh essential oil has been used for centuries and has several benefits.

Myrrh essential oil is effective at treating dry, chapped skin. One can use it to treat wounds, sores and other skin infections, too, since it also calms inflammation. It also has pain-relieving abilities that effectively treat abdominal pain, cramps, and arthritis.

This essential oil also has calming and soothing properties. While its scent is strong, it can calm the nerves and reduces anxiety. Diffusing some myrrh essential oil during your meditation or prayer session is also a good idea since this oil helps to clear your mind and promotes calmness.

Now is the perfect time to buy these best Christmas essential oil and get ready to celebrate this particular time of the year.

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