Pregnancy is a particular time when it is especially important to be careful of what one is using or surrounded with. Many products, including aromatherapy products, are unsafe for pregnant women since they can affect the mother’s and the baby’s health.

Aromatherapy is a widespread alternative practice that people turn to, often for the additional benefits of aromatherapeutic products, especially essential oils. However, it’s important to remember always to do your research on essential oils and make sure to test for allergies before use, such as with rosemary essential oil. Keep reading to learn more!

Rosemary Essential Oil Pregnancy: What to Avoid

Rosemary essential oil is a beautiful part of aromatherapy and is known for its numerous uses. However, there are conflicting reports regarding using this oil during pregnancy.

Some reports claim that the oil could be harmful during pregnancy, while some claim otherwise.

There are several essential oils to avoid in pregnancy: basil, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, fennel, and wormwood.

Common Rosemary Essential Oil Pregnancy Myths

Rosemary essential oil is highly volatile, and it quickly stimulates the senses and can cause severe reactions among people who are allergic to it.

The reaction usually causes nausea, vomiting or spasms, but in severe cases, it might lead to pulmonary edema or even induce coma.

So, it is recommended not to use it during pregnancy and avoid it if you have symptoms showing you might be allergic to it.

More About Rosemary Essential Oil Pregnancy

In most cases, the oral consumption of rosemary leaves in your diet does not have these adverse effects. This might have something to do with the volatile nature of rosemary essential oil.

Based on the nature of rosemary oil to induce such reactions, it is highly recommended not to use it during pregnancy. There are also reports of this oil inhibiting the action of medication taken to regulate high blood pressure.

As with any oil, it’s essential to test for an allergy before use just to be safe.

Rosemary essential oil in pregnancy is still debatable since little is known about the side effects it could cause. If you are otherwise interested, look at our Remedium Rosemary Essential Oil! It has several extraordinary benefits and will be a great addition to your space.