Patchouli essential oil (Pogostemon Cablin) is well known for its long-lasting pungent smell, which sticks around longer than most scents. For this reason, it is part of many perfumes as the fixing base. In addition, it has also been used as an insect repellent. Moreover, its complex aroma serves as a sedative to help you relax. Its medicinal benefits outweigh its cosmetic and domestic use, so it has been an expensive export to the Indian continent.

How is Remedium Patchouli essential oil made?

The leaves, and sometimes stems too, of the Patchouli plant are used to extract its essential oil. The stems and leaves are dried after harvesting. In some cases, leaves and stems are lightly fermented and then used to distill oil. Steam distillation is employed to extract oil from these dried-up parts of the Patchouli plant. The oil tends to improve with age; hence aged oil is preferred due to its enhanced characteristics.

The popularity of Patchouli essential oil

This natural herbal essential oil has various uses and is widely used for its numerous benefits. For example, its characteristic smell was proof of original silk and cashmere exported from India; it was used to repel insects and moths while packing these items for shipping abroad.

Natural Indian inks extracted from herbs and plants were also scented with Patchouli as proof of originality. It was traded worth gold due to its medicinal and aromatic properties.

Aromatherapy and spiritual benefits

This oil has hints of fruity notes, making it soft and sweet. Everyone is sure to love the subtle aroma. It creates incredible aromatic combinations with cedarwood, Sandalwood and Ylan Ylang, Rose etc., due to its longer-lasting nature. In addition, it is an excellent fixative for other essential oils, extending their aromatic properties.

It is used as a calming agent, as its earthy and woody scent promotes a peaceful ambiance. In addition, it makes a tremendous diffusing oil for Yoga as it promotes relaxed vibes and helps you concentrate better.

Health benefits and uses

This Remedium essential oil alleviates headaches and discomfort due to colds and flu. In addition, many people love the smell and use it as a part of skincare routines as an expensive ingredient for its soothing properties and distinct, long-lasting aroma.

The oil is also used as a massage oil to relax sore muscles and sometimes even relieve joint pain. In addition, it relieves stress and is an effective soothing agent for your mind and body. Its aroma helps as an anti-depressant and aids in reducing stress and anxiety.

Does Patchouli essential oil help with skincare?

People have used natural Patchouli oil for skincare for centuries. It was a prized possession used to purify and cleanse the skin. Some even used it to soothe irritating skin and treat rashes, red spots and patches. So it’s not surprising that Patchouli oil has been used to cure skin dryness and reduce symptoms of eczema. In addition, many people incorporate it into their daily skincare routine and claim it to give radiating and glowing skin.

How to use it?

The oil is light-coloured if distilled in stainless steel containers and darker if iron vessels are used. The colour slightly darkens with aging, but that enhances the properties of this oil, unlike most essential oils. This oil is a fixative for other scents and blends well with most earthy and woody aromas. You can use it with any suitable carrier oil and reap its endless benefits.

Remedium Patchouli essential oil has proven its worth due to its various purposes for ages. However, there is no denying its calming and soothing properties as a massage oil or the magical effect of the mesmerizing aroma on your senses when used in oil diffusers.

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