This Nag Champa essential oil Canada soothing fragrance originates in the Indian subcontinent. It is a must-have for critical oil suppliers all around the world. The main ingredient is the Champaca flower, with Sandalwood as the second principal component. Several other herbs and resins are added to make this magical fragrance for consumers. The recipe varies for each manufacturer with its magical additions to enhance the primary scent and compliment it. The combinations include various herbs, spices, flowers, and resins that enhance the fragrance and even the therapeutic characteristics of the mixture. The usual additions are saffron, lavender, orange oil, aniseed, etc.

Uses of Nag Champa Essential Oil

Nag Champa essential oil Canada is a significant substance among natural essential oils in Canada due to its varied uses. It is widely used in Hindu temples and is known primarily for its soothing scent that helps in meditation. It relaxes the senses and clears out all negative vibes. This results in a peaceful mind that can excel in contemplation and worship.

The flowers of Champa are picked at night when their scent is most intense and divine. The oil is yielded by steam distillation that holds the fierce, heady aroma. This fruity smell is relaxing for the nerves. In the mid of 20th century, this scent stormed musical performances and became a staple for many concerts. It’s the main element in top-notch perfumes and is used by perfumeries to make sweet scents for aroma lovers.

The essential oil is also used in oil diffusers to create the perfect ambiance for yoga and meditation. The Hindu temples and yoga studios religiously use this scent in Western countries, which is part and parcel of the rituals and practices.

Where to Get This Prized Essential Oil

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