Aromatherapy has become an excellent tool for treating physical and mental conditions. For example, aromatherapy is a natural cure from pain and stress relief to treating insomnia and many other ailments. In addition, there are fragrance oils that help with headaches and are effective in alleviating certain types of pains and discomforts. Here are some fragrance oils that help with headaches.

Peppermint Fragrance Oil

Peppermint scent oil is probably the most effective oil when it comes to fragrance oils that help with headaches. The oil has calming properties that make it the perfect oil to treat such conditions.

Lavender Fragrance Oil

The soothing qualities of lavender aromatherapy oils are well known, so it is so commonly used to treat headaches and migraines. This excellent oil is also great at improving mood and inducing sleep.

Frankincense Fragrance Oil

Frankincense Fragrance oil has a characteristic woody aroma that uplifts any space. The oil is excellent for alleviating headache pain due to its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, research has shown that frankincense fragrance oil can also help reduce asthma.

Chamomile Fragrance Oil

Chamomile aroma oil has tranquillizing properties that make it unforgettable for those looking to sleep better. In addition, the oil’s soothing and anti-inflammatory effects make it the perfect oil for providing relief from migraines and headaches.

Rosemary Fragrance Oil

Rosemary fragrance oil is not that popular in aromatherapy. However, this oil has incredible pain-relieving benefits. In addition, it can reduce insomnia and also promotes blood circulation. Hence it proves to be a tremendous scented oil that helps with headaches.

Different Ways to Use These Fragrance Oils

There are several different ways you can use all these Fragrance oils to ward off headaches and migraines effectively.

Direct Inhalation

You can inhale the scent of oil directly from the bottle or add a few drops to a tissue, cotton ball, or cloth and deeply inhale the smell from that.

Oil diffuser

An aroma oil diffuser is also great and effective. Diffusers efficiently disperse the scent of the oil in your space, so you can fully benefit from your favourite fragrance oil.

Direct Application

A popular way to use fragrance oils is by applying them directly to the skin. However, it is crucial to note never to use fragrance oils on the skin in their original, concentrated states since they can have adverse effects on the skin.

Always dilute your aroma oil by adding a couple of drops to a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil. You can now safely apply this oil mixture to your temples or forehead.

Hot Baths

Adding a few drops of your preferred fragrance oil to your bathwater is an excellent way to relieve pain while having a relaxing bath.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels