In the vast and varied world of aromatherapy, sandalwood and sage are two unique plants whose products are known to benefit many things. If you want to learn more about them, keep reading!

What You Should Know About Sandalwood and Sage

Sandalwood and sage are woody plants; both also have scents that can be described as ‘woody.’ Sandalwood’s aroma is rich and a bit spicy and sweet, while sage is said to have a herbaceous scent. Both are popular as incense sticks, cones or just incense, and white sage smudge sticks are also a very common form of sage.

Sandalwood and Sage: Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a popular aromatherapy ingredient; its scent also makes it an aromatic fragrance oil. Sandalwood is also said to be good for the skin, promoting younger and healthier skin.

Burning some high-quality sandalwood incense sticks in your room or space can be a great way to cover up any foul odours and have a pleasant, rich aroma. Sandalwood is good for anxiety; a relaxing massage using sandalwood massage oil can be the perfect fix for a long, tiring day to help you release any muscle tension.

Sandalwood and Sage: Benefits of Sage

The use of sage can be dated back many centuries and is used most commonly by native cultures today. The practice of burning sage is known as smudging, which is why white sage smudge sticks are so popular nowadays.

Sage incense sticks can help lessen anxiety and promote better sleep. Its properties enable it to purify spaces and cleanse them of any negativity. You can also burn some sage incense cones to lessen depression and boost mood. You can also smudge sage when you want to meditate or pray.

There are so many benefits to using sandalwood and sage when it comes to aromatherapy for the mind, body and soul, too. You can opt for various products, such as incense sticks, cones, or smudge sticks; there are so many ways you can take advantage of the benefits of these amazing plants. Visit our website and browse our collection of Remedium aromatherapy products today!