Your beloved puppy is a part of your family, but it comes with some problems, too. Canine smell is a part and parcel of keeping your furry friend at home. If you love incense and dogs, learning more about the health complications that can arise if your pet inhales smoke from incense is better. Let us explore how to keep your dog safe while burning your favourite incense sticks.

Is Incense Safe For Pets?

The main reason incense sticks are unsafe for dogs is the smoke released by burning them. Even if the smoke doesn’t cause health issues, it can aggravate respiratory issues.

Dogs have a much better sense of smell, so remember how the incense will impact them. A research study published in the Journal of Clinical and Molecular Allergy found incense smoke unsuitable for dogs’ respiratory systems.

Health Issues For Dogs Caused By Incense Sticks

When incense smoke disrupts the respiratory system of dogs, common symptoms include wheezing and coughing.

In addition to the above, incense smoke can trigger allergies and skin irritation, resulting in itching and inflammation.

If you are worried about incense and dogs, the first question to ask yourself is if smoke is a known trigger of pet asthma for your puppy. If yes, it’s best to avoid burning incense near your pup.

How to Keep Dogs Safe From Incense Cones?

Burning incense sticks will be an issue for your furry friend only if you do it in large quantities and it produces excessive smoke. If you burn it only in small amounts and keep the room airy, there shouldn’t be an issue. It’s better to test once and see if your pet shows any signs of irritation.

If your dog seems irritable every time you try to burn incense, we recommend proper ventilation or keeping the pet away from the area of smoke. How about using Remedium incense on an elevated surface in a well-ventilated room so that the air smells nice but sensitive pet nostrils don’t get irritated?

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Use pure essential oils—you will experience soothing benefits and a pleasant aroma, and your pup will not be exposed to smoke.

While we wouldn’t recommend keeping incense and dogs together, there are alternatives that you can use to keep your house smelling nice while keeping your pet safe.

Explore our range of pure essential oils to see which is the favourite for you and your pet.