Natural Ocean Breeze Incense Sticks are specially designed to deliver the exotic natural fragrance of the ocean, which will surely give you peace of mind. Our natural incense sticks are perfect for your needs because of their delicate scent and long-lasting nature. Incense sticks can bring calmness to your mind by clearing your head.

All-natural incense sticks are 100% natural without adding any synthetic chemicals. Our natural incense is hand-dipped and made up of tea tree-based compounds. These compounds include woody powders, dried herbs, and other extracts. Our best and long-lasting incense sticks form a perfect duo with our best burners.

Natural Ocean Breeze Incense Sticks and Incense Sticks Holders are primarily used in many countries for religious and meditation purposes. They are also said to bring happiness and joy to your mind and please God during rituals. That’s why Aroma Shop naturally has come up with the best chemical-free incense sticks, which you can buy online without any additional fees.

Natural Ocean Breeze Incense Sticks are designed to provide a sweet aroma that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a beach. The scent is viable for use anywhere as it has warm mineral feelings found in air fresheners.

Safety is our top priority, and we maintain our focus on all our products. But it would help if you were careful while using incense sticks. You should keep them away from flammable objects and always keep them on a level surface. It would help if you didn’t leave incense sticks burning in a windy place. Try to keep it away from children.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and try to give your mind some peace and comfort. We can’t find any better alternative to relax your mind.

Fill your space with the aroma of your favourite hand-dipped natural incense sticks. You were made with love to bring joy and tranquillity to your home.

Benefits Of Natural Ocean Breeze Incense Sticks

  • Ocean Breeze Scent
  • Made Naturally
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Hand-dipped
  • Long-Lasting

Features Of Natural Ocean Breeze Incense Sticks

  • 11″ Incense Sticks
  • 20 Sticks/pack
  • 100% Natural
  • Made in Canada

How to Use

No fuss and no hassle. Light the coated tip of the stick, gently blow out the flame and enjoy it. Then, simply stick them in your chosen incense holder and always ensure the ashes fall on a fireproof surface.

You can choose from the wide range of burners we offer.


Keep sticks away from flammable objects such as paper, drapes, etc. Do not allow sticks to touch vanished, painted, and plastic surfaces.