Sandalwood sticks have been used for centuries for their earthy scent that instantly lifts the mood of any place or house. Sandalwood is not only something that is used in furniture making, in case you didn’t know!

It is an amazing scent when it is burned, and upon this discovery, eastern people started using it, and religions like Hinduism even have some rituals surrounding it. In addition to that, Buddhism also uses sandalwood to promote mindfulness in its people and alter desires. However, even though sandalwood is not involved in any religious activities in Western culture, people find it helpful for many reasons.

Benefits of Sandalwood Sticks

Sandalwood sticks are used for a lot of things that help people with mental and physical illnesses, such as:

  • Anxiety

Aromatherapy with sandalwood is getting more and more famous every day. In a study, some women who were about to undergo breast surgeries were exposed to sandalwood incense, and they experienced their stress, and anxiety levels decrease to a great amount. The scent produced when sandalwood is burned or diffused helps to calm you and makes you feel better.

  • Insomnia

A lot of people have insomnia these days. If you are one of them, you should know burning sandalwood incense around you might be the answer to solve all your sleep problems. The odour of sandalwood works as a sedative for insomniacs and relieves their minds which helps them sleep better at night.

  • Blood Pressure

Yes, this too! Sandalwood really has a lot of benefits. For example, systolic blood pressure is mostly increased because you are too tensed and stressed about something. Well, sandalwood can calm you down in just a few minutes and release your tensions to a good level, thus bringing your blood pressure back to the normal value.

How to Use Sandalwood Sticks

Are you confused about how to use them? Well, using them is no rocket science, and you can totally do it. All you have to do is burn the incense stick from the coated end and place the other side in an incense stick holder or incense burner.

The lit-up side will start to release the scent and fill up your room with odour. Don’t forget to place an ash plate under the burning side because it will produce ash while it burns and releases fragrance.

However, make sure you burn them in a place that has good ventilation because even though the fragrance is perfect for your health, the smoke can cause minor amounts of indoor pollution that can be a safety hazard.

How to Find the Best Quality Sandalwood Sticks

If you are looking for the best quality sandalwood sticks, the first step is your research. You should only purchase from a trusted supplier. To make sure you have a safe purchase, you can get your hands on them from Aroma Shop Canada and finally enjoy your aromatherapy!

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