Wooden Coffin Incense Burner For Sticks and Cones

Incense sticks and cones usually cost a fortune from natural and organic sources. Wooden Coffin Incense Burner is an elegant accessory to store your treasures while they are not in use. Just make sure to put out the natural incense sticks and incense cones thoroughly and adequately, so there is no chance of them reigniting. As the box is made of wood, you have to make sure that your incense sticks and incense cones have cooled down. This way, there would be no chance of them catching fire or even smoking.

Burning natural incense is an age-old practice with religious and cultural importance in almost all parts of the world. They are ardently used to ward off foul smells and for various purposes. Each particular herb, plant, or flower also carries medicinal and health benefits just as well. People have been using them for treating different illnesses and diseases. They also have certain psychological benefits like easing stress, anxiety and decreasing depression.

Natural incense sticks and incense cones are also lit to eliminate negative vibes and energy in a space. For this reason, different sticks are associated with other religions all around the world and make an important part and parcel of religious activities. For example, Frankincense and Myrrh are used in churches for religious ceremonies, mass prayers, etc. Similarly, incense sticks dipped in pure rose essence are used in mosques and are a vital part of other Islamic rites.

This beautiful coffin box gives the ancient vibes of engraved antique incense burners. It has been hand-carved by expert artisans to complete the look and feel of burning natural incense and then storing them safely. has a wide variety of incense burners and various containers and boxes to keep them properly. They are a perfect accessory to complement your refined taste of burning incense in your home and offices. These accessories serve to store your natural incense sticks and incense cones and stand out as elegant decoration pieces. In addition, these premium incense holder designs will add to the aesthetic value of your room.

A simple and elegant coffin box so that you can store your natural incense sticks when you’re not using them.

Features Wooden Coffin Incense Burner

  • Coffin Box
  • Engraved

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