Tranquility Massage Oil – 100 ML

Some days, everything that is going on can become too much to handle. Every once in a while, slow down and take a break to recharge and feel rejuvenated again. Getting a massage with the Tranquility Massage Oil is the perfect way to do that. With this massage oil, you can quickly de-stress and relax.

Tranquillity Massage oil is the perfect massage oil to use when you want to have a massage that leaves you feeling at peace and calm. This oil’s soothing fragrance puts your senses at ease and makes you forget your worries.

The aroma is excellent at inducing positive thoughts and feelings and improving your mood. The scent is not overpowering; it is accessible to the senses and is very calming. You will feel much more relaxed and tension-free after using this massage oil for your massage session. Pair it with Tranquility Incense Sticks to double the relaxation and the benefits.

A soothing massage with this oil will boost your mood and remove all the negative vibes and energy. A gentle massage also improves the flexibility of muscles and joints, and a good massage oil facilitates this process. It also helps soothe tense and sore muscles, allowing you to perform better physically. Stiff muscles also lead to anxiety and discomfort, so a massage session surely helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Aroma Shop Canada has an array of unique blends of premium quality natural oils specially formulated for massage. These massage oils come from all-natural, organic sources. There are no synthetic elements in any of these massage oils. Each massage oil is a mixture of the best quality essential oils to give you the best product to reap its benefits.

Benefits Massage Oil

  • Tranquillity Scent.
  • It helps us to relax.
  • Release stress.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Relieve pain and tension.
  • Many benefits at low costs.
  • It helps with skin care and skin nourishment.

Features Massage Oil

  • Massage Oil
  • 100 ML each
  • Made Naturally
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Made in Canada

How to Use Massage Oil

Our massage oils are easy to use. Apply a small amount of oil on the desired part of the body and rub until the oil is spread evenly.

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Warning Note

Try a small amount of oil on a small skin patch to ensure no irritation. If irritation is evident, immediately discontinue the use of oil and contact a physician.

For external use only.