Remedium Home Fragrance Diffusers Ceramic White – 100 ML

At some point or other, you might have heard about essential oils or diffusers somewhere. These are critical parts of aromatherapy and have become increasingly well-known quickly. The home fragrance diffusers are the perfect fix when you are too tired to do anything and want to relax. Paired with suitable, well-chosen oils, they can do wonders.

Essential oil is a concentrated plant extract that, depending on the plant, can have many different benefits. For example, lavender fragrance oil is trendy for its sedating and calming properties. Its soothing scent makes it unique for managing stress. Bergamot essential oil is another oil that is perfect for lifting spirits. Crucial oils of rose and chamomile are also great for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

Ultrasonic diffusers are a new kind of home fragrance diffusers. It is probably the best diffuser available because of its advantages, such as using relatively more minor power and easier cleaning.

Using an essential oil diffuser is very easy. First, add water and a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Then turn the diffuser on and sit back as it releases a fine mist of the oil and water; soon, you can smell the oil’s fantastic fragrance in the air and slowly start to feel its effects.

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Model No:RM-1502DCapacity:100 ML
Material:PP+ABS+PC+CeramicPower:10 W
Colour:White/BlackUnit Size:90×145 mm
Humidification: 20-30 ML/HWeight:460 G
Working Time:3-5 HoursAccessories:User Manual+Adaptor


How to Use Our Home Fragrance Diffusers


Remedium Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential Oil Diffuser Overview Details

  • Brand: Remedium
  • Model Number: RM-1502D
  • Power (W): 10
  • Voltage (V): 220
  • Application: Hotel, Commercial, Household, Home Office, Bedroom Lobby Hotel
  • Function: Humidification+Aromatherapy
  • Colour: White, Black
  • Feature: Colour Changing LED Light
  • Accessories: User Manual + Adaptor
  • Material: PP+ABS+PC+Ceramic
  • Water capacity: 100ml ceramic Air Humidifier
  • Power Source: Electric, manual
  • Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Installation: Tabletop / Portable
  • Certification: CE, EMC, RoHS
  • Humidity Control: Manual
  • Capacity: 100ml small ceramic diffuser
  • Mist Output (gallon/day): 20-30ML/H