People are usually confused when it comes to where to buy incense. Incense burning is a holy ritual for many, and others have aesthetic reasons to burn a particular aroma to please their senses. Several people do also burn incense to reap the manifold benefits that certain fragrances boast of. Burning incense is a sensitive matter as you have to inhale the air infested with the fumes that carry your favourite aroma. There are a few fundamental rules to follow before you start investing in your favourite fragrance.

Read the Labels

Always read the labels carefully, and doing a bit of research about the stuff that you don’t know is always a good idea. The labels loaded with symbols and ingredients listed in alphabets are mostly the short form of those ingredients and, in most cases, are synthetic in nature. Essential oils make the base of almost all incense products like high-quality organic incense sticks, incense cones, and diffuser oils. Do check if you are allergic to any ingredients. This is especially important for asthma patients or people with any respiratory ailment. Consult with your physician for a final verdict.

Where to Buy Incense, Don’t Fall For Cheap Items

Most oils are extracted from their origins through complex and time-consuming steam distillation or cold pressing processes. The processes also include high-quality oils and patience. That is why searching for where to buy incense, and you would notice that essential oils are quite a costly item. They have been treated as a luxury and a prized possession in many different cultures throughout the centuries.

Cheaper items may smell stronger and seem to be more effective, but that’s not really the exact product you might be looking for. The chemicals used are formulated in a way that makes them smell identical to trick the consumers. They are definitely not going to bring the physical and psychological benefits that particular aromas carry. All they do is smell great, and certain chemicals might even be hazardous to inhale, especially in a closed space.

Incense Sticks vs Incense Cones

When you are sifting through places to buy incense, you will notice that incense cones in Canada are cheaper than incense sticks. A simple reason is that sticks include a wooden stick that carries the incense material, commonly known as masala. On the other hand, the incense cones only have the masala with no extra hassle of wooden sticks used in it. Hence, it would obviously cost less than an incense stick. Usually, the masala used in both products is almost the same, i.e. an incense material mixed with a binding agent and the burning agent that is usually fine tree dust or charcoal powder.

Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

The most common confusion is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. Essential oils are necessarily the pure essence from a plant, herb, or flower, usually extracted through steam distillation. In contrast, fragrance oils are generally synthetic in nature and are made from chemical ingredients with an identical smell. Fragrance oils might contain the original scent in trace amounts, but they often use synthetic materials to produce the same aroma at a cheaper price.

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