Nearly all people are confused about essential oils versus fragrance oils and think they are the same things. The labels on various beauty products boast of having essential oils or fragrance oils as a special ingredient to lure the consumers, and not many people can tell the difference.

Essential oils necessarily plant extracts or, in rare cases, animals too and are totally natural and organic; conversely, fragrance oils are an amalgam of synthetic and organic components to bring out the desired aroma.

Price value of essential oils versus fragrance oils

Since scent is the desired product that consumers are looking for, fragrance oils are most people’s first choice as they are cheaper and more readily available.

The procedure of acquiring essential oils from plants through steam distillation or cold pressing is tiresome and expensive. The volatile distillate is then mixed with carrier oils to enable it for usage. For instance, Rose Floral Essential Oil takes a complex and lengthy process; hence the price is higher.

Aromatherapy Oils

Another common misconception is that there is no difference in essential oils versus fragrance oils when employed in Aromatherapy. You can only achieve aromatherapy’s benefits and healing characteristics by using the essential oils as they are the pure extract from any herb or flower, and only these pure extracts will carry the particular beneficial characteristic of that flower or herb.

Shelf Life

Essential oils have a longer shelf life; they tend to last longer as they are made up of the purest plant extracts. Fragrance oils, on the other hand, contain chemical and synthetic components, which have expiration dates. Most essential oils are highly volatile, while fragrance oils last longer due to their special synthetic formulation.

Read Labels Carefully

Most products that claim to have essential oils usually have these only in trace amounts and basically rely on synthetic fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are commonly used in pretty much everything, like cleaning and sanitary products, beauty blends, and endless other consumer goods with a smell.

The products labelled with fragrance oil may say it’s natural, but actually, they are synthetic scents that may be naturally identical or contain essential oils in trace amounts only. Such labels are ubiquitous in beauty products and scented candles and sound appealing but are actually not all-natural. The label would read several chemicals that are definitely not good for your health. Most of the ingredients in such cases are unknown, and you cannot possibly tell their hazardous effects.

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils come from natural sources and have their own particular therapeutic and healing properties, in addition to the enticing aroma that serves to stimulate your senses. Fragrance oils are synthetic products, and although they do have amazing smells, they usually dry the skin and may even cause irritation when used for a longer period of time.

Some allergies can result from using such products, even if only inhaled in the form of scented candles or incenses or being topically used like soaps and lotions etc.