Burning incense is part of many cultures around the world for various reasons in many different forms. Some people love to burn high-quality organic incense sticks daily, while others are fans of burning essential oils.


Incense is an aromatic material that produces fragrant smoke when it is burned. The word incense is derived from the Latin word “incendere,” which means “to burn.”

Incense is burned for many purposes, such as medical, religious, aesthetic, and many others. Burning incense is usually separated into two main types, indirect burning and direct burning. Each has its own pros and cons, and usually, people use one of either methods based on their personal preferences and needs.


Using incense has been a part of human civilizations for centuries. It has been long associated with rituals and spirituality, and aesthetics. The earliest known use of incense can be traced back to ancient China. It is also known to have been used in Ancient Egypt, Greece, parts of South Asia, and India. India is currently the world’s largest producer of incense.

Burning incense is an important part of almost all the major religions of the world. In ancient times, flaming incense was also included in different Chinese and Japanese rituals. Certain religious and divine practices can not take place without their particular incense material.

Direct Burning Incense vs Indirect

Incense is generally classified into two main types: Direct burning is usually set alight and then fanned out, leaving behind an ember that continues to burn and release the fragrant smoke slowly. However, indirect burning needs a separate heat source for it to work. It is usually placed directly on a heat source.

Many people prefer direct burning as it does not involve any carrier material. Hence, it is considered a purer form of incense to burn. For instance, in incense sticks, the wooden sticks, usually made up of bamboo or Sandalwood, also burn along with the incense masala, and impart some of their own aroma with the desired one. Organic incense cone Aroma Shop Canada is thought to be a pure source of incense material, as they do not have any wooden sticks or carrier oils added to them.

Various Forms of Burning Incense

Nowadays, incense can be found in a variety of forms. The most common form is probably incense sticks. These are widely available and are relatively easier to use. Other forms of incense include incense cones and dhoops, which are of a shape that can be lit at one end so that it continues to smoulder as an ember.

Diverse uses

Using incense has long played an important role in religious rituals and ceremonies. Burning incense is thought to help ward off bad spirits and get rid of negative vibes and energy.

Many people these days burn incense to ward off bad odours and smells. The fragrant aromas of incense help to cover up bad smells in living spaces and freshen them up. The amazing scents not only improve the ambiance but also help to boost your mood.

Burning incense has become a key part of aromatherapy. Different materials are thought to have different benefits. Aroma Shop Canada has a wide variety of products that can be employed to reap the benefits of these natural aromas.  There are organic incense Richmond Hill-like cones, incense sticks, essential oils, and complementarities that can be used aesthetically for a richer experience.